Winds steady blowing.

Well then.  We haven't had a break in the winds now for quite a little while.  Either we're getting it hard from the South-Southeast, or we're getting it from a late season Norther.  I did get off the beachfront the other day to pull the shrimp net, but it's still early in the year for the white shrimp.  Water temp has been holding steady at around 74 degrees, and the dolphins schooled up behind the boat as we dragged.  All good signs.  No Spanish frenzies that day to be seen, but the jetties have been holding great numbers of sheepshead still, as well as reds and some trout mixed in.  Black drum have also been showing up in numbers, however the bite has been either on fire or totally dead.  The norther hit today, so winds are elevated, but I slipped in a beach trip yesterday.

Here's waiting for the winds to lay down a bit.