HARNELL 534 Restoration

"Man, ain't nobody worried bout no Harnell, shoot I can go to Wal Mart and all and get a Fugly Stick and roll OUT!" I told Steve.  Long, long pause.  Incoming swell crashed out over the bar in the dark night air, and the fire crackled one good time before he answered me.  But first he took one good solid pull off of a brown pack Winston as my education was thoughtfully prepared.  "WELL NOW, look here son, it's like this!  YOU CAN HAVE A PORSCHE OR YOU CAN HAVE A BICYCLE NOW WHICH ONE WOULD YOU WANT!  YOU CAN HAVE A HARNELL OR SOME KINDA CALSTAR NONSENSE WITH ALL THOSE TINY GUIDES AND SOME KINDA TIE DYE WRAP!  HARNELL...NOW HARNELL IS GONNA HOLD ITS VALUE, HARNELL'S BEEN CATCHING FISH SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN AND IT'S GONNA KEEP CATCHING FISH AFTER YOUR LITTLE ARSE IS GONE!!!  AND ALL I OWN IS HARNELL AND HARRINGTON AND THAT'S ALL I'M EVER GONNA OWN!"

--shark fishing campfire education with the best old school rod builder I know, Steve Honc

I truly don't know of anyone that can build, restore, repair, or redo these old Harnells, Harringtons, or Blue Royals like Steve.  He picked up an old Harnell 534 a while back and asked if I was interested...of course, I told him I was.  The finished product speaks for itself.  As for me, I now know better than to make Harnell and Wal Mart comments!  

There it is when he got it.


I sure do like the old stuff.  Solid fiberglass, last forever.

The finished product.

Looks amazing.

As always, Steve leaves the original stickers on the rod.


One beautiful rod.  I for one just don't have that artistic talent, but Steve does!  What a way to keep these old 1950s and 1960s and 70s and 80s rods alive.  And such a classy original wrap, no illusions, no tie dye, no fish scales in the wrap, none of that.  Just some of the legacy of those who came before us.  Ya'll take care.  Headed down the beach for the week.