PINS 4/17/19

“Although internet is by far the fastest and cheapest way to advertise your services to the largest number of people, it actually comes at a dear price. The more self-promotion a guide does on internet, the more pressure he brings on a particular area or fishery and, often, it is an area or fishery already overburdened by the number of current users. The reality of it is that the more guides promote certain locations, the tougher the fishing becomes there.

Several non-productive charters as the result of crowds that read your stuff on the internet will quickly outdo any good the internet promotion may have originally done. And what about the fishermen who learned of the spot and were enjoying it long before the internet guide who is basically fishing for customers told the entire world how many he caught there yesterday? More than likely he is going to arrive at his sweet spot to find it looking like a boat dealer's parking lot.

It is for this very reason that you will most likely find the fishing report on my website outdated. I made my mind up many years ago that I would not put my personal gain over the well-being of the resource. I call it turning the wolves loose. I've observed for years that one good fishing report on internet can dramatically increase the number of users the following weekend and that traffic can ruin the fishing. The crowds are their own worst enemy; their very presence brings an end to that which they seek. So, the fishing is good but the catching varies from day to day. So do the conditions. But we're still having lots of fun most days and there's not a whole lot of people down there.”

—Captain Billy Sandifer, guide on PINS for over 20 years, article from 2007. Rest in Peace Billy.

“Loose lips sink ships!”

—My dear friend and mentor Ralph Wade, WW2 vet and beach fishing pioneer. Rest in peace Ralph, you are missed.

Truer words were never spoken. In a day and age where just about everything folks do ends up on the internet, I do believe I share Billy’s and Ralph’s sentiments. It’s a fine line to walk, that’s for sure. But the old timers would never let the news slip, not even to eachother.

For reasons unclear, I suppose I missed Ralph all day yesterday. And if he had been still with us to go visit, I woulda darn sure went to sit with him and visit.

Today was storming with a 4-6 ft sea and occasional 8 footers predicted, and 15-20 knot winds from the SE—— nothing better for a lover of the Island. There’s nothing like fishing in the storms, alone with your thoughts and the wind and the waves. Today was just such a day. The water was murkier, and it took some grinding, but the fish were there in some of the typical haunts.

You just can’t beat a quiet day on Island, a limit of reds, and some drum. Ya’ll take care and see you on the sand. Take care of the resource and be kind to one another.