PINS 4/23/19

There’s nothing like having your eyes opened. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday when the unmistakable sight of washed in sea floor deposits caught my eye. There’s various areas on Padre that are closer than others to nearshore outcroppings of Pleistocene sediments, and when the spring longshore currents change, there are times when cold water upwellings make their way to the beachfront. The deepwater offshore becomes agitated and stirred up, and when it comes into shore, we will often see clay seabed deposits and sometimes, dirty and cold water. In all likelihood, this won’t last long, but the above average fisherman will take note of colder water which is quite wont to produce only rays and hardheads much of the time.

As for the large shark left to rot with its jaws and head cut off, and stomach cut open—the people that continue to participate in these actions are putting the past time that so many of us love in peril. This 60 mile portion of Padre is a National Park, not a fishing club on private property. We have no right to shark fish down there, and actions like these do NOT help our cause for those of us who enjoy doing so responsibly and with concern for the resource.