PINS 4/25/19

A long time ago, an old time fisherman told me something. He said, “Son, the surf zone is like a room!!! When the water is high it fills up the room!!! And when the tide is low and the water is out, the room empties out! Do you understand boy!? Do you!?” And then he poured himself a stiff drink, because it was 830 am, and of course, very late in the day by beach standards. Hah.

He wasn’t wrong. Thursday found us with above prediction tides and the water continuing to impede driving and push into the backbeach. An astute fisherman will take note of where structure is located prior to these high water events. At that point, the day is a game of discovering what each “room” holds as one travels down Island. Regardless, the last 10 days of April are usually regarded as the birdiest days of the spring migration, and I for one have learned to love each and every flying critter that graces our beaches with their beautiful breeding plumages. A man is never lonely even in a lonely place once he understands what he sees around him. If you venture down island, remember the birds are traveling and apt to be tired and resting whether on the sand or backbeach vegetation. We are their guardians.

Tight lines.