June 17, 2019

A storm never lasts, and calm seas never make a skilled sailor. Isn’t that what they say? Today featured an almost 3 ft tide around 10am down the Seashore, and I took off to see what might wash up. The tides remain almost a foot or more above predictions, and while I brought fishing gear, I ended up fishing half the time, and beachcombing the other half. A sizeable 40 foot plus trawl bag washed in, tore up from a hang underwater. From the looks of things it was a pretty good one too, as even the bag line and sugar line were parted. I always was thankful the captains I worked for growing up knew where almost every hang on the East Coast was, and we never had to lose rigs this way, and any hang we caught, we came off without too bad of a time. I just love our Seashore, it changes daily, and the quest of conquering it will NEVER be accomplished. A perfect place for a roaming heart and a restless spirit.