Available Adventures: Pick your custom Padre Island National Seashore Experience

Day fishing trip (sunup to end of day, approximately 8-10 hour trip depending on season):  $650 two persons, $100 additional for each additional person, max of 4. All bait and gear provided, customer only needs bring food and drinks.  Depending on season and time of year lure fishing, live bait fishing, or bait fishing is available OR all of the above.  Speckled trout, Redfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Whiting, Rays, Bonita, King Mackerel, Black Drum, Pompano, and more are all available to catch depending on the time of year!

Overnight camping trip-fishing:  $600/day, NO CHARGE FOR THE NIGHT!  Charter runs from sunup the first day to end of day on the 2nd.  Up to two adults.  $100 extra per additional person per day.  Get the FULL EXPERIENCE AND SPEND TWO DAYS AND ONE NIGHT FISHING!  All camping and sleeping gear provided!  All bait and fishing equipment as well!  Customer only needs bring food and drinks.  Guide has a Texas Foodhandler's Permit and hot grilled meals are available for a nominal fee, as well as breakfast.  Menu shown below, however we would be glad to accommodate any special requests.

Day sharking trip (approximately 8-12 hour trip depending on season):  $800 per day, two persons.  $100 extra per each additional person over two.  Includes Zodiac, fresh shark baits (including Jack Crevalle, Rays, Bonita, etc. as the season allows), and all gear for fishing at shark camp to target species such as Whiting, Redfish, Trout, Spanish Mackerel, etc.  A full day of sharking PLUS bait and light lure fishing at shark camp!  Casted bait rods for targeting sharks with casted baits included.  A great value!  Be sure to check out our meal offerings!

Overnight camping trip-sharking (approximately 32 hour trip depending on conditions):  $1,100 for one night and two days, two persons.  Charter will run from sunup the first day to around noon the next day, to allow time to exit the beach.  $200 extra per each additional person over two.  Get the FULL EXPERIENCE!  Two days and one night of sharking!  Take advantage of THOUSANDS of dollars in gear including a Zodiac, shark rack, rods, reels, and the knowledge of the guide to broaden your horizons!  FRESH BAITS provided of course for sharking!  Guide has a Texas Foodhandler's Permit and hot grilled meals are available for a nominal fee, as well as breakfast if desired.  All customers are required to bring are their own food and drinks, all else will be provided including all camping and sleeping gear, rods, baits, etc!  Casted bait rods and reels for targeting sharks with casted baits are included of course!  Let US do the work FOR YOU and go home with NO gear clean up!  Be sure to check out our meal offerings!

Birding trip:  $500/day up to four persons!  A great value!  See the Great Migratory Flyway birds that stop through Padre for yourself!  120 miles of round trip beach running and hundreds of possible bird species!

Shelling trip:  $500/day up to four persons. A great value!  The shelling after storms can be superb!  Hunt for shells with the most knowledgeable guide around in the comfort of a well maintained four wheel drive pickup!  Customers are allowed one 5 gallon bucket per day per NPS rules.  Full day trip includes trip as conditions allow all the way to Mansfield Jetty!

Sightseeing/Island Tour:  $500/day up to four persons.  Another great value!  Only 125 dollars per person!  The guide has spent over a decade hiking, walking, researching, photographing, and doing oral interviews with the "old timers" of Padre!  Come see the Island like never before and hear the stories that go along with the landmarks!  Or just relax the sound and breeze of the ocean as we drive down the beach seeing the sights!  There's 60 miles of beach to explore!

Novillo Line camp and "Tales of the Beach" Tour:  $500/day up to four persons. For those interested in hearing the rich plethora of Island stories and history, this tour is for you!  We'll visit the Novillo Line Camp and discuss the Dunn ranch and tour the old corrals, traps, pens, and see its chow hall and cabin quarters!  We'll also cover the whole Island all the way to Mansfield Channel (conditions permitting) on the full day charter and open your eyes to the amazing events, people, explorers, and more that made their mark on the Island!

Overnight camping/campfire:  $600 for up to 4 people!  That's only 150 dollars a person, and all camping gear and equipment is provided, as well as a nice evening campfire!  Customer only needs bring food and drinks.  Guide has a Texas Foodhandler's Permit and will gladly prepare hot grilled meals for a nominal fee.  Menu is available below unless other requests are made with the guide.  A great FAMILY experience without the hassle of bringing your own camping gear!  

Photography:  $500 for a day of photography for up to 4 people!  On this charter you will be provided the perfect opportunities and places for beautiful landscape, bird/wildlife, or sunrise/sunset photography!  Up to 4 people included for this price.  

Shuttle to Mansfield Jetty/other services:  Maybe you just want the "insurance" of having someone to follow you down Island or into Yarborough Pass as you drive your own vehicle, or maybe your group just needs a knowledgeable ride/escort to Mansfield for scientific research.  Either way, we have you covered!  Inquire for availability and rates and we will be glad to accommodate!  Padre Island Expeditions, LLC is currently on the approved vendor list of the University of Texas college system.


Meal Options:  Choose your sustenance, and let us know upon booking.

Guide has a Texas Foodhandler's Permit as well as the proper licensing and permissions, and will be glad to prepare meals FOR you!  However, due to liability, regulatory, and insurance reasons, if you choose to bring your own food it must not require cooking, i.e. lunch meat or snack bars.  Any type of grill is also not permitted, including charcoal.  Customers are asked however to bring their own small cooler for their drinks AND their own food (if they choose to bring their own meals).  If you choose to allow the guide to cook and prepare meals for you, please remember to bring your drinks and cooler, as water and drinks remain the customer's responsibility.



  • Cereal and milk.  $4/person

  •  Eggs/breakfast tacos/Sausage or Bacon.  $7/person



  • Hotdogs, chips.  $5/person

  • Lunch meat sandwiches, chips.  $6/person

  • Hamburgers, chips.  $7/person



All meats purchased from Moody's Meat Market in Corpus Christi, TX, a family owned specialty butcher shop that offers only the finest meat products.

  • Hamburger, beans, chips.  $10/person

  • Steaks:  Ribeye/New York Strip, bread, beans, veggie.  $20/person.  If you have a special cut of meat request, let us know!  We will be glad to accommodate!

  • Pork chops/butterfly pork chops, beans, bread, veggie.  $12/person

  • Jalapeno poppers, Cajun meatballs, "Gator Eggs" (fun specialty grill meat combinations).  $2/apiece.  Delicious on the beach, a favorite!

  • Sides:  Macaroni and cheese, $3.  Ramen Noodles, $1.  Rice (Success Rice) $2.  Little Debbie snacks, $1.

* If there is ANYTHING that you don't see listed that you would like to have on the beach, call the guide at 361-944-1085, or email us using the contact link and we would be GLAD to accommodate!  Part of the beach experience is good food and fellowship and we aim to provide that for all of our clients!*

Or bring your own snacks and meals that do not require cooking, i.e. lunchmeat.  It is NOT required to buy meals from Padre Island Expeditions, LLC but if you bring your own meals they must not require cooking and must be brought and stored in customer's small personal sized cooler, i.e. less than 48 quart size.

If you have any other food item requests, or have food allergies, please let us know.  We will be glad to accommodate!


What TO Bring:

  • Clothes to get wet/swimwear (warm months).  Waders (winter months).

  • Any required medications you may need, toiletries, etc.  We will be visiting very remote locations and there will be NO cell service.

  • 8-10 bottles of water per day, per person.

  • Sunscreen

  • Small cooler with drinks, snacks, food.  If you bring your own food, it must not require cooking, i.e. lunch meat.

  • Cash or credit/debit card for balance of the charter payable the morning of the charter.

  • Texas Saltwater Fishing License for fishing charters.  Must have this prior to departure for all individuals participating in fishing that day, 17 years of age and older!


What NOT To Bring:

  • Weapons, especially guns.

  • Ilegal drugs or prescription/over the counter drugs outside of their original packing/labeling.  Federal law enforcement is heavy inside the Seashore, and all laws enforced to the letter.  If illegal drugs are brought, the charter is over and the charter fee forfeited.

  • Metal detectors

  • Grills/Charcoal

  • Expensive valuables such as wedding rings or jewelry.  These items are almost impossible to find once lost in the surf zone.

  • No liquor or high alcohol drinks (higher than beer), please.  Your safety is my responsibility and my duty as per my Federal permits while on charter, and Padre Island is hours away from medical assistance or help.



Deposits are nonrefundable and are 50% of the total amount of the charter.  If the charter/trip is cancelled by the guide due to uncooperating weather/conditions or an unexpected event on the guide’s end (illness, etc.) trip credit remains in queue for rebooking. Deposits are due at the time of booking/reserving your charter/tour date, and will be placed in queue for a future trip if the trip is cancelled by the guide due to uncooperating weather, sickness (of the guide), or unforeseen circumstances. Deposits/Gift certificates shall be used for a charter date within 6 months of the date they are received.

In the event of a no-show the morning of the charter, the deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit due to rebook. However, if charter is rescheduled by the guide for any reason, there will be no loss of deposit, i.e. sickness of guide, unsafe sea state, weather conditions not safe.

The guide will contact the customer 3 days prior to the charter to discuss weather conditions on the Seashore, tide conditions, NWS Hazardous Condition reports, and any other special conditions which may hamper accessibility or safety of the charter down Island, and also to iron out final details of the charter.  If for any reason it is unsafe to continue the charter due to weather, etc. the guide will contact the customer to discuss a rescheduled charter date


Where to meet the morning of the charter:


Bob Hall Pier.  Copy and paste the link below, or simply click the link below to find Bob Hall Pier.  The guide will be waiting for you in a red Ram 2500 long bed pickup truck in the parking lot.


Click this link below for directions to the pier from any starting point.