We had a great time exploring the beach and I found a ton of shells. I have been shelling in Florida and he showed us spots for shelling that would match the shelling in Fort Myers, Florida, or maybe even better. We found unique hard to find shells and enjoyed learning the history of the area. I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to go shelling. I have a broken ankle and he was super accommodating and patient with me. Great guy and great guide. 5 stars!!!!! Would go again any time.
— Misty Neal, J.D. of Law, December 2018
Heading to North Padre Island and need a guide? Captain Colin Davis is your guy! In October 2017, I was given an assignment by the National Park Service to photograph Padre Island National Seashore and “showcase” all the faces of the park throughout 2018. To make that happen I needed someone who knew the Island well and was familiar with its flora and fauna and weather/tide patterns. Enter Colin Davis. What a pleasure it has been to ride down the beach listening to his fascinating stories of this beautiful island. We have worked on a list of “must sees” for the year and are busy crossing items off the list. My PAIS Artist-in-Residence experience will be much richer thanks to Colin’s efforts.
— Sue Wolfe, Padre Island National Seashore 2018 Artist-in-Residence-March 2018
I am a geologist and researcher at UT Austin. I hired Captain Colin Davis from Padre Island Expeditions, LLC to help me during a scouting trip to investigate the algal mat on Padre Island National Seashore. You won’t find many people that have such a wide and deep knowledge of the Island than Colin. He knows so much about the natural resources, the history, and the environment of the park. I learned a lot from him during our 2 day trip. We had a very interesting and enjoyable scouting trip on the Island and I couldn’t have done it without Colin’s knowledge and expertise of the Island. He knows that place like the back of his hand. He is a great guide and most important of all, he knows the Island and where, when, and how to get anywhere on it. This is important, as it turned out during our winter trip that some bad weather came through, and Colin made the right decision to drive off the beachfront that night so that we wouldn’t be stranded there. The next morning, looking at how high the tide went that night, I can guarantee it was the right decision. If you want to go on the Island for research, fun, fishing, camping, or to learn about the Island environment or history, you can’t go wrong going with Captain Colin. I highly recommend him.
— Dr. Xavier Janson, Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin-January 2018
Wow! Talk about a great day! On our way out to Tucson this year my girlfriend and I took 10 days and toured the coast of Texas and the Big Bend area. The highlight of our trip was our day on Padre Island with Colin’s Padre Island Expeditions. We like shelling, birding, photography, and history and Marzi had never caught a fish of any size before so I wanted her to have the chance to do that. It turned out to be more of an adventure than we ever imagined! We got some great photographs of birds and wildlife, as well as some neat animal tracks in the sand from the night life there. There were lots of shells, but the most amazing was the abundance of angel wings. They are so fragile, we have never managed to find a whole one before but in spots they were everywhere. Colin was very knowledgeable on the history of the island and took us out to the 9 mile hole where I had went flounder gigging when I was a kid. He cooked us a great burger for lunch down at the pass and on the way out we stopped to winch out a jeep that had gotten stuck. Colin taught Marzi how to cast an open face reel and in no short order she had caught a really big, beautiful whiting. It was a blast just riding down the beach in his 4WD rig. It is hard to believe we had so much fun doing so many different things on just one, big, beautiful island.
Thanks for a really fun day we will never forget!
— Jim Haeger, Mineralologist, January 2018
I don’t make it to the beach as much as I would like and don’t catch the fish that I would like to catch but ever since I started fishing with Padre Island Expeditions, my catching has turned around. This man knows just about everything about Padre Island National Seashore, the last trip I took with him we slammed the sharks-we caught five sharks and lost two for a total of seven sharks we hooked into and they were all on casted baits. Then after a hard day fishing he made one heck of a dinner on the beach. I will be fishing with him again come summer time, ya’ll need to check this man out.
— Nathan Sadosky, Game and Ranch Manager, Duncan Springs Ranch, Blanco, Texas-October 2017