Island of history.

There's no disputing it.  Padre has a long and varied history, and much of it unknown to the average seashore visitor.  On this tour, we change that.  We'll ride South Beach while covering the history of Padre, from the Indians who first lived there to the Spanish conquistadors to Union soldiers to the "Duke of Padre." 


Timeline Topics

  • Formation of Padre from an offshore bar
  • Early Archaic/Neo-Archaic Indian cultures
  • Coahuiltecan/Karankawan habitation and distribution
  • Early Spanish exploration and discovery
  • Spanish settlement
  • The beginning of ranching on Padre and Padre Balli, namesake of the island.
  • American settlement and the Mexican War and it's effects on Padre.
  • The Civil War era
  • The mapping of Padre by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic survey.
  • The Dunn ranching Era on Padre.
  • World War II and Padre, focus on the Coast Beach Patrol.
  • Padre and recreation-the first users of the Island for fun.


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The spell of Padre is brought about by its suggestion of a primeval world. Infinity seems close at hand with a thousand miles of the Gulf of Mexico on one hand and the unconquered Island on the other.
— Cash Asher, "Island Idylli: Padre Island," TRAVEL magazine, December 1954, p. 22